Wednesday, March 17, 2021

FQSG Antique Quilt Block Challenge

The March 2021 issue of 
AQ magazine is out and inside
you will find an article by Moi :)

Last year the Florida Quilt
Study Group did an antique
block challenge with very
few rules, thankfully!

I was overly ambitious and 
worked on 2 blocks because 
each had different fabrics that spoke 
to me. Using techniques 
workshop, I created 2 unique pieces 
and then wrote an article about 
the process for AQ.

Our Fabulous exhibit is 
now on display
at THE Quilters Hall of Fame
in Marion, Indiana. 
IF you can't go in person,
they have their own youtube
channel where they have put
the whole exhibit for you to 
see from home!

February 23 - May 8

Florida Quilt Study Group:

Antique Quilt Block Challenge

The challenge was to take an antique block and incorporate it into a small quilt measuring 24" x 24." Artists were allowed to use the block whole, cut up, or dismantled. The could add vintage or new fabrics; whatever it takes to create a quilt of their own design and creativity.

AND, I made the exhibit poster
which is super exciting!!

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