Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Rocky Road to Love

in the Winter 2020 issue of
I have always loved the look and 
feel of this magazine so it is 
an honor to be amongst the pages.

My piece was inspired by 
a ca 1900 crazy quilt-esqe 
variation with embroidered hearts
that I came across during research.
The block is Rocky Road to Kansas
along with other names.

Many of us have had a rocky
road to finding love and so
once that thought entered
my brain, I was off to create:)

Here is a great article to 
read more about the history 
of the block....

For fabrics I chose to work
primitive muslins for that soft
'looks like wool but isn't' look.
My hearts are needle turn
applique' and it turns beautifully.
My tip for marking is
to use a thicker needle 
(I used my embroidery needle)
to poke holes every 3/8"
or so that I can get the point 
of a pencil through.
As you can see in the picture,
a fun round of connect
the dots gives the perfect
line for embroidery.
When it was time to mark
for quilting, I used the 
freezer paper hearts from
my needle turn tracing.
Iron them down where I 
want them, quilt around,
then remove without residue.

Don't forget that label:)
I get busy and throw just
the basics on before shipping
but will now go back to add
some more info and
'Published' date.

Here is an exciting YIPPEE moment...
I was in 2 different shops that day
and found Rocky Road to Love
hanging out with my Wayward Sisters

As you can see I was in 
a very lovey mood last year:)
I also hope you will remember
my skills next time your guild is 
looking for a new teacher.
My military 'jack of all trades'
designation has definitely transferred
over to my quilting  and I look 
forward to meeting you.


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