Saturday, July 25, 2020

Wayward Sisters 3

Annie's new book is now out!
When I first saw it, I was so
intrigued by the cat steps quilt
by Charisma Horton, that I 
completely missed that I 
am on the cover too!

I have had these little 
witches in my files for years.
They are so much fun to play 
with. If you aren't a fan of 
paper piecing at this moment, 
you soon will be:)

The three witches, Weyward Sisters,  
are characters in Shakespeare's play,
Macbeth that resemble the 
3 Fates of classical mythology.
This was the first Shakespeare
I ever read and it fascinated me!

YES, I know I spelled them wrong
but wayward has that added meaning
that quilters tend to associate
with paper piecing.
It gets a bad rap, it really does:)

Now for a peek behind the curtain....

First we need some fabrics!
I kept it to 'read as solids'
since it is a smaller piece.

The witches have faces done in
 embroidery and I am a fan of
stabilizing my background
when possible.
This is Pellon's P44F, light-weight
iron on stabilizer.

I wanted the block done first 
so I removed that one section
to use as a template for my 
cutting the stabilizer.

Once fused in place and 
the face traced onto the front,
I did a basting stitch
along 2 sides of the block
to hold remaining paper
in place until I was 
ready to remove it.
Removing it is super easy
since I used a long stitch.
Clip every 5th stitch and pull.

Time for quilting designs!
I am not good at this step and so 
many times I have printed 
multiple blocks to draw on.
This time it went relatively quickly
once I knew I didn't like the 
wavy one above and preferred
the spiky one below, it was
time to get quilting!

I decided to keep mostly 
straight line fills vs. going 
for curved lines to 
offset / compliment the
sharp lines of the blocks.

I was very happy 
with my decisions.

All quilted on my domestic
machine because it was 
little and doable.
And don't forget that 
easy little flange for 
just the right 
pop of color!
Until next time~

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