Friday, May 14, 2021

Bramble Blooms

 The May issue of AQ Magazine is out and you will 
find my Bramble Blooms within its fine pages.

Let's talk fabrics:)

My fabric supplier was very
generous with this HARLOW 
collection from Northcott.
There is some truth to having too many decisions:)

Sometimes you need to try a new
technique, quilt style, or in this
case, a new block.

I have an affinity for pinwheel
blocks and tried something new 
this time by splitting one square of 
a half-square triangle set up 
before stitching together.  
It gives some fun extra movement.

Then you chain piece
every step of the process
so that you can stay on 
track and not mix 
up the steps.

Remember when I said I had too
many choices?  
When it came time to decide how
to make my applique' POP, it
got hard:)
My color aesthetic is not to mix
cream and white due to the 
cool/warm tones possibly clashing.
I really thought my flowers should be 
cream to blend in with the cream
background tones of the prints.

The chartreuse really threw me and
I felt it would be too in your face against
the soft pastels of the hydrangeas; but it looked
SO good with the white and gave
that POP I wanted my flowers to have.
Sometimes going out of your comfort 
zone gives you a surprise and opens
your design choices up for the 
next project.
I mixed cool and warm, bright and soft tones
and ended up loving it.
This is one of my favorite 
quilting motifs that I like
to repeat throughout a project.
I also like to do scribble or 
wiggle stitches along a raw
edge applique' for the 
ease of getting it done.

Lastly, don't forget to label your work 
and it can be as easy as using a micron pen:}

Remember that digital issues are 
available of all issues of AQ.
Visit the website HERE 

Keep Stitchin:)

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