Saturday, May 29, 2021

Poppy Pod Lane

I have a love of poppy flowers and 
have designed some larger quilts 
that the magazines maybe find

So I designed a smaller piece and
picked it up:)  YAY!
Their magazine is so full of beauty.

I started previewing my fabrics
to see how they would look
as quarter-square triangles.

Once the top was finished,
it was time to work on the 
embroidery for the 
applique' section.

Once all my applique'
was fused in place,
on to basting....

Yes, I pin baste 
small projects for 
machine quilting.

My quilting was straight
stitching along the diagonal line
of the pieced area; and as
I stitched down my raw 
edges of applique' with 
free motion scribble stitch, that 
area became quilted as well.
I had some wonderful
pattern testers that shared
their final minis with me:)
Thank you Brenda and Mary!!

Mary gave me a fun
change up from the 
original color scheme
and she knows how 
much I love orange:)

Make it in whatever colors
make your heart sing and 
don't forget to show me!
You can always post on my FB page HERE!
I can't wait to see it:)
The magazine is still out 
on shelves now and there 
is plenty of time to have it 
done for July!!

Keep stitchin'

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