Monday, June 8, 2020

Twelve Days of Christmas

 I have had this Christmas line 
for a few years now...
The selvages are adorable
and the colors vibrant 
and wonderful!
When quarantine started, I finished 
a couple of work deadlines and then
promised myself that I would do a
project or 2 for myself.
A friend of mine had done a 
a sew along that this fabric
was perfect for!
Suzn Quilts designed an adorable
miniature using her tiny templates.
 The finished size is 12" and since
I have so much of this fabric, I
thought it would be fun to keep 
making bigger blocks to go with 
the miniature....
Friendship Stars
I liked the little house blocks
and trees so much that I made 
another 12" miniature with them.
Here is the template for the trees.
In my mini, I left off the trunks.
Here is what I have so far...
My 2 minis, some Friendship Stars &
some Pinwheel blocks.
The first block is one of Susan's Tiny/Mini
Dresden blocks that can be found in

I can't wait to see it finished
and I hope you will go visit Susan's
blog and site for lots of fun
ways to spend our days.
Until next time,
Keep stitchin'.

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