Sunday, June 14, 2020

Quarantine SQUIRREL...

Hello again.
I hope I am not the only
one suffering from 
'Squirrel' syndrome during
this quarantine....?
Pretty sure I am not
and thought I would share
a few of the things I have done
since this began.

We went to Chicago mid March 
for a baby shower and that was
 the first time I had really taken 
my head out of my work long
enough to notice what was going on.
When we got home, I started making
some masks for my youngest
who works in a unit that
was being transformed into
a Covid unit and that freaked
me out just a bit...!!

This Worldmeter is dated March 22nd.
What a difference 2-1/2 months makes!

While my brain was trying to make 
sense of it all, I started hand piecing
these tiny little half-square triangle blocks.
Then for some reason unknown to me,
I decided I should start using some of 
the scraps from magazine projects to 
make a series of blocks...?
I don't make scrap quilts!!!
These were Very Helpful and necessary to 
my sanity as I watched job after job cancel.
So I have 5 sets of blocks
that match and I can't decide
whether to put all the same 
blocks, different fabrics together
OR, put all the same fabrics,
different blocks together.
Big Decisions!
Until part 2, keep stitching~

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