Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Sweet Persimmons

I have never had a persimmon 
and maybe I should try 
one now that I have named 
a quilt after them:)
New in the November
issue of AQ Magazine
meet Sweet Persimmons.
This sweet design started 
out in a 30s rendition.

Once I started thinking in Autumn
colors, I came up with this palette.
Still really like it and may have
to put this grouping to work
in another project!

Looks great, right?

Sometimes I can't see past my 
own vision but I also had 
this Sandy Gervais print sitting
around that I had been wanting 
to use in something....

Pull some colors right out of 
the print and it is the perfect
assembly of color for this project!

When I started this, I was preparing
to help my daughter after the birth
of our first grand child so travel
hand work was appropriate.
The pic above shows alignment
for needle turn curves.
The pic below shows turning under
my edges to assemble the berries
before applying to the background. 

Here I stitch on a leaf.
Wow, my lighting was 
all over the place.

IF you own a rotating mat, 
it is the perfect way to trim
4 half-square triangles blocks
at one time by cutting 2 sides, 
rotate, cut 2 sides, etc. 
until finished.

Time to quilt.
I free motion quilted this 
sample myself...WHAT??!!
I used my freezer paper leaf
templates to create more
leaves that I could add 
swirls into the center
(bottom of pic).

When done quilting, 
you need a label:) 
I really like using a square 
of fabric folded in half 
and sewn into a bottom 
corner seam allowance.
The size of the square
depends on how much
you want to write.
This was 2 scraps of fabric
sewn together for an 
approximate 4-1/2" square. 

Thank You again, AQ for an
amazing layout!
It is Awesome!

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