Monday, December 5, 2016

CHRISTMAS Gift Giving!

This holiday tends to frenzy us all in different ways.  For those who love to make with their hands, we tend to find ourselves making long lists of all the lovelies we will make for loved ones across the land.  Not sure about you but I always fell a bit short getting it all done.  I do make some items for select loved ones and for friends along the way but not every year. 
Luckily if you have quilting friends, you can gift them with the gift of making something of their own for other loved ones in their life!  Win ~ Win!!
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One year a couple of candy canes spilled onto the table in this shape and Ta-Da:))
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Who doesn't love the brilliant red that these festive flowers add to any space!
When I moved to Florida, I had some growing outside my house and was absolutely delighted!

After living in the tropics for many years, this is not as atypical as you might think!  Coastal Christmas was such a success that I resized it for embroidery workers.  Such a fun size!
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This fun pattern requires the most minimal of paper
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piecing in order to get the cool border points that I made by accident and could NOT recreate with piecing no matter how hard I tried!

The wall hang is only 24" square with instructions for a runner and placemats too for complete dining décor:)
 Blossom Swirls
My love of paper piecing revolves around all the variations you can achieve by changing the colors and the rotation of the blocks.  In Blossom Swirls I show you just 3 of the variations that are possible with this fun block.  Large pieces make it easy to follow.

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Whatever you decide to this year, have fun and give with love in your heart!
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