Saturday, December 17, 2016

Down the rabbit hole!

Do you ever sit down to the computer to do one thing but get sidetracked??  Ok, I know you do but how long do you get sidetracked for?  And, do you ever head down the rabbit hole from one pretty quilt/ article to another? 
"ALL the time", I am hearing :))  "Join the club", you say. 
Well have you ever headed over to the this site?
It is a fabulous resource with lots of links that you will find yourself clicking on and then trying to find your way back to where you started....ALICE!!

There is a glossary of terms, stories about quilts and about the origins of quilts, and a great index sorted by styles of quilts......
Enjoy!  Muwahahahaha!

Pop over to see who else is blogging....

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