Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Hand Quilting

Have you ever tried it?  Do you know someone who hand quilts?  Do you go to shows and or museums and Oooh and Ahhhh
over all the little stitches? 
I Do, I Do, and I Do!!!
It is my passion and one of the most relaxing
things I know how to do.
As good as I am at it, I am no where near the quilters that I am in complete awe of and that is ok! Because whether we throw clay, knit, ski, paint, surf, or quilt, we need to have those just a bit better to look up to and to inspire us to do better!

#heritagearchitect:  To design, build, and complete
the heritage of a person or people!
Like my new high-falutin definition of what I do?  It tickles me but is very accurate.  I absolutely adore being given a quilt top that:  
1. has been started by someone who "decided that
quilting just isn't their thing"
2. (sadder) was started by someone who can't complete
 it due to health issues
3.  was found and their mother or grandmother or aunt made it
and they want to cherish it forever
4.  add reason here....

These lovelies come to me for many a reason and I have the honor of completing the heritage of that family. 
This is when labeling becomes SO important. 
Antique quilts get found all the time and humans are a
curious sort who want to know the
when, where, why, and who of these things. 
Every quilt has a story and when I get to stitch my story to another quilter in time, it warms my heart beyond explanation!
So if you are looking for a 2017 resolution, why not resolve to pick up a needle and learn a time honored tradition in America!  With a needle, I can teach you embroidery, applique, or quilting:)
If this isn't your thing but you have been hanging onto Mom or Grandma's tops, take a look at what I can do for you!
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