Friday, December 16, 2016

Studio Disorganization!

I would love to tell you that I am super organized and in my mind's eye, I am:)  The reality is that I work in a crazy zone most of the time until every now and again my mind tells me to STOP and take charge of the crazy!

For a peek at my old studio, click HERE.

So these pictures made it to this post because my floor is actually clean!!  Usually I am side stepping creative piles of fabrics for future quilts.  These pics are from one of my sane moments because I just couldn't think properly anymore and worse, I had to move 2-3 piles just to get to one thing I needed!! I can live in the mess but I hate having to keep moving things to get what I want.
This is a picture of an adorable Captain's Desk I found in my travels that has tiny little drawers down each side that are perfect for color organizing my bead stash:))))))
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Warm Quilts said...

Your studio is colorful and encourages creativity! And, you know where everything is - it's all good!