Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Q-Squirrel Pt 2

Here we are at almost mid-July and the 
self-quarantining continues.
Since I left you after part 1
here is just a bit of 
what I have been up to....

I participated in a Virtual Trunk
that ended up being a FAB
way to introduce myself to 
new followers.
You can see it HERE!

I like to be prepared so here
was my set up that day with
pages of notes, phone stand,
and a rack of quilts behind me:)

I continued playing with my friend's
Twelve Days of Christmas
that you can read more about
Here is a test block for a new 
paper piece and applique' quilt
coming soon to AQ Magazine:)
If you like bright tropical colors,
this one will be right up your alley!

I finished the top of the little 
signature quilt 
started HERE and started
the next little quilt the 
group decided on.

Then (more) baby gift preps started!
Seems as if you just keep finding 
fun things to give the new family.
A space theme had been decided on
and this little art piece of mine
was perfect with lots of family heritage.
Read about it HERE.
The project it was intended for
was dismantled and the piece
came back to where I believe
it was meant to be all along!
It is framed and now hangs
over his changing table.
Then onto making a unique little
onesie for our new little one:)
My husband designed this
and was excited to have me
make it come to life.
Next post will have all the details and
pictures of our new sweetie!

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