Thursday, August 6, 2020

Tea & Crumpets

August brings 
September AQ magazines
to mailboxes all over:)
Soon to be found on 
shop shelves near you.
Within the pages you
will find my cheerful
Tea & Crumpets.

This piece was originally
done in a completely 
different colorway
and in the end we
went with brights!

Before I can order fabrics,
I have to do a test block...
Luckily I had some 
brights laying around 
to play with.

I know paper piecing intimidates
some of you but I would encourage
everyone to have another go at it.
Organization is KEY!
See all the tidy piles and I only 
work on one section at a time 
almost like chain piecing.

Put your favorite movie on
that you know all the words to 
and …...
Add all the blue....
Add all the green...
Add all the red.....
This keeps you focused 
and less likely to goof a piece.
Plus you can play with the parts before 
assembly because you never know
what new shape you will come up with:)
Of course, eventually you will get 
to a step you loath...Mine is trimming!
I dread this step in regular
piecing as well but it is 
necessary to accuracy.
But then....My reward is 
Did I hear a, "Nerd!", 
out there somewhere? LOL
YES! I Love it!!

This little flower has been so 
patient, waiting its turn to 
shine in a project:)

Time to stitch it all down 
and get ready for quilting!
I am the first to admit that 
quilting creativity evades me!
It is the dreaded blank page
to me but in recent years
I have started using the applique'
templates to fill in the 
negative space around.
So I start by outlining the 
original applique', then add additional 
leaves and swirls in the quilting.
Also added some contrasting
accents in the red.
So Cute!
(if I do say so myself:)

Meet Tea & Crumpets!!

Didn't they do a great job on 
the header?!

Here are a couple of other
color ways to get your 
creative juices flowing.
If picking fabric isn't your thing,
shop for the kit over
at AQS!

Thank you for 
following along
and Enjoy!
Until next time~

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