Friday, October 8, 2021


  The November issue of AQ Magazine is out for 
delivery and on shelves very soon:)

So Much Inspiration and, if I 
may, yay me for being included
amongst the amazing talent!

I had been playing with shrinking
my shoes from my, "Get Pumped"
BOM in 2015.
You can find this 'tricked out'
design in my Etsy Shop.
HERE is the blog post about it:)

If only I could wear these to 
Thanksgiving dinner this year!!
This design is in my Etsy Shop too.
HERE is the blog post about it:)

As I was saying....
I had shrunk the shoes down so
I could recreate a picture I had
taken in South Beach, FL. of 
a shop window full of 
crystal decorated shoes.

I am not a "shoe" person but 
all that color and shiny...LOL!

So one day I am chatting with 
a friend and, Voila', 
this darling mini variation
is imagined.

THANK YOU, Mary:)!
I can't wait to see
all the new trees going up 
this holiday season:)

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