Saturday, December 14, 2019

'Currant Pinwheels' in Simply Vintage!

Thank you all for sticking through 
some of the boring posts this past week
and here is your reward:)
 Here is the new issue of Simply Vintage
one of my Favorite publications!!
Inside you will find a sweet
red and green treat based on
this antique quilt below.
 This is Coxcombs and Currants which I own.
I thought I would try designing a 
smaller piece inspired by the quilt
but in a different colorway.
 These are some of my other 'go-to' 
colors; red, orange, black.
 I really like the small loop design within the leaves.
This one was all done by machine but
felt a bit too small so.....

 I started picking out my red, green, 
and white fabrics for a more traditional 
look to match the original quilt.
 This time I did all the work by 
hand (applique and quilting).

 I really enjoy the look of straight 
lines against curved lines.
Someone commented on the unique 
use of leaves on only one side of the 
vine vs. both sides as we traditionally see.
 I really wanted that FRAME appearance.
Then look how absolutely lovely
they staged it in the magazine!!
Thank you Simply Vintage and the 
whole Quiltmania staff!

I can't wait to see what other
colors people do this in!
Keep stitching~R

for more blogs to follow.

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