Wednesday, December 18, 2019


Out on stands now is the 
January 2020 issue of AQ magazine.

 My new design, BABY LOVE, is 
featured within on page 64.
 I was very thankful to have Ann Hamel's 
(AQ's fantastic editor) advice on 
what is trending with baby colors since I 
am not a grandma and so a bit out of the loop:)
 Once I had my lovely Shadow Play 
fabric from Maywood Studios, I 
went shopping for some basic thread
and found the perfect pink with my
mother's name:)
Then it was time to get to work
paper piecing these simple little blocks.
 When it is time to place the applique',
using the full sized template with 
holes poked through key spots is
helpful for aligning 
heart and elements perfectly.
 While in Paducah this past September,
AQS let me tape a short video with my
way of doing hand applique' and tips.
You can watch it HERE!

 Time to assemble the blocks!
In addition to pinning straight 
through the points for alignment,
you can peek at the seams to 
see if they are lining up.
Those 1/4" seam allowances 
should align nicely.
 If you sew your rows together, 
this makes a nice easy quilt-as-you-go.
If you are a wonderful machine quilter,
the freezer paper templates are 
a great source for quilting designs
in the open white areas of the blocks.

If machine quilting isn't your "thing",
let the professionals do it and save time!
 I thought I would add pink hearts in 
the open areas and add some free-
motion quilting inside.....NOPE!
I hated it and it took me twice as long
to rip it as it did to quilt it.
when I paid my sweet friends,
Toddy and Ray Sumsky to 
quilt it for me!
 Add your label....DONE!
You can even purchase the kit!

for more blogs to follow.

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