Thursday, December 20, 2018

Day 20: 2018 Review J-A-S

This summer seemed to fly right by but I could actually say that about the whole year!
Top row is July.
1. We took a trip to Chicago to visit our eldest daughter and while in Chicago you must go to Wrigley Field according to my husband (a lifelong Cub fan:).  While there I asked how many other girls he had taken there and I am the first girl he has ever taken to his precious Wrigley!  How is that for a first in 30 years of marriage?  It was my first time there too! 
2. Along the way there was thankfully some treasure hunting and I found these lovely ca. 1940s hand appliqued rose blocks.  The pink ones are being redone for an upcoming COC charity quilt. The Autumn colored ones are welcome to stay and inspire:)
3. Another baseball game-ugh!  Thankfully I am helping a friend with her Millefiori quilt so I have lots of handwork to take along! 

Middle row is August and it is all about the LOVE!  We celebrated 30 years together this year!!!
The center photo is us on our wedding day (no professional photos just the one from the little 110 camera I had). The photos on either side are more recent.  We really don't have tons of us from when we were younger without me going in search of.

Bottom row is September.
The center picture is from the landing in San Antonio as a cruise went by during the show we were watching that evening.  Such a lovely city!
The pics to either side are work in progress shots.  I was able to get lots of work done in and around more appraisal shadowing and treasure hunting! 
I am very proud to be able to offer a new workshop to guilds as well: FABRIC COLLABORATIONS!  IT is going to be so much fun to watch people build off one another and design!  I can't wait to meet your guild:)

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