Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Day 19: 2018 Review A-M-J

Top row is April.
1. Our back yard this past April when my sweet husband planted some more trellis climbers in red just for me:)
2. Me in front of "Robin's Wreaths" in Paducah this past Spring...So Exciting!
3. Baby lambs at my friend, Brenda's, when she had our whole guild up to her place for lunch one gorgeous Spring day!

Middle row is May.
1. "FEATHERBERRY" is published.  Love this sweet little wall hanging because it is so simple and vibrant!
2. We went to a LIGHTNING playoff game!  I think you know I love hockey but the playoff games are even more fun and LOUD:)
3.  Treasure hunting in Virginia payed off with this amazing late 1800s quilt with Wondrous hand quilting.  I know it is hard for you to see and I could look at it all day!!

Bottom row is May/June.
1. Me teaching my mom how to do a selfie:)  I helped her set up her new phone this past summer so she is more 'modern'-haha:)
2. My actual copy of AQ Magazine showed up and my name is on the cover....Finally a Cover Girl. We dream of that moment, don't we?
3. We took a trip up to St. Simon's Island (beautiful!!) to see our niece get married. It was a beach wedding and she looked Lovely! It was a fun weekend with plenty of family catch up and couple time for Jim and myself too:)

More reviews coming so stay tuned.

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