Saturday, December 22, 2018

Day 22: 2018 Reveiw O-N-D

This one winds up the highlights (mostly:)
Top row is October.
1. My friend Della and I in Nashville!!
2. & 3. What happens in Vegas BABY:)  In the post I didn't show my new tattoo.  My girlies and I decided to get one to celebrate my 50th and when matching mother/daughter tattoos were suggested, I admit I got a bit worried! I didn't want anything too mushy that we may regret later.  My youngest (when asked what she had in mind) said she assumed I would design one for heart swelled with joy that they are so proud of me!! 
My mind went immediately to my tulips designs (what a surprise:) and then to my new "Robin's Wreaths" tulip which had 3 flowers. I tweaked it a bit so that it had more of a circular look.  We each have the same with each having something a bit different too!! Mine has the little dots.

Middle row is November.
1. I am at Market with my new line of Tulip Stencils with Quilting Creations, a great company to work with. On the link page you will see a couple of tulip designs starting with RK4...  
2. To and from Market I was able to get some Autumn Color absorbed into my being.
3. Once home I finalized the description for my new Workshop, FABRIC COLLABORATIONS.  There are a couple of summer openings left in 2019 and the 2020 calendar is open for bookings now:)  Tell your program chair!

Bottom row is December and I don't have any Great pics...YET:)
In the meantime you can enjoy a past pic of my Christmas tree.  I love how simple it is and that those ornaments have lasted so long!

There is still another week to the year and I hope to wind things up with a few fun moments. You?

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